Past and Present

2016 August to October – MAKINTI
We are proud to present a stunningly powerful collection of works by the internationally celebrated contemporary artist and 2008 Telstra Award Winner, the late Makinti Napanangka [c1930-2011]


2016 January to March – DESERT CONTRASTS
A selection of Central Desert artists whose work encompasses the visual spectrum from liberal splashes of vibrant colour through to the most intricate of dotwork.


2015 July to September – THE PWERLE SISTERS
A series of Women’s Body Paint Designs by the 4 famous Pwerle sisters; Emily, Molly, Galya and the late Minnie.


A new selection of paintings from some of the younger up and coming Desert Artists.


2014 June to August – WHAT’S IN A NAME?
A contrasting collection of works that share the NAPANGARDI name; Dorothy Robinson, Judy Watson, Lily Kelly, Margaret Lewis and Topsy Petersen.


2014 March to April – GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN 
A collection of paintings by artists who are sadly no longer with us, but whose work will live forever.


2013 July to September – THREE GENERATIONS
A stunning selection of works by the late great Minnie Pwerle, her daughter Barbara Weir and her daughter, Teresa Purla.


2013 March to May – SISTERS
An extensive collection by the famous Petyarre sisters, Kathleen, Gloria, Violet, Myrtle and the late Ada Bird and Nancy.


2012 September to November - THE FIRST FAMILY
A collection of works by the most collectable indigenous artist of all time, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and his two highly regarded daughters, Gabriella Possum and Michelle Possum Nungurrayi.


2012 MAY to July – HIS COUNTRY
Kudditji Kngwarreye; his amazing  contemporary ‘slab’ work has been compared to Rothko, but as Kudditji would probably say, “Who’s this Rothko fella?”


2011 August to October – THE DESERT IN BLACK & WHITE
A selection of works by various Desert Artists using only the mesmerisingly stark contrasts of black and white.


2011 February to April – SOUL SISTERS
A contrastingly beautiful collection of work by two absolute legends, Judy Watson Napangardi and Dorothy Robinson Napangardi.


2010 October to December – BROTHERS IN ARTS
A synergistic selection by the celebrated brothers, Warlimpirrnga, Walala and Thomas Tjapaltjarri.


2010 July to September - COLOURS OF THE DESERT
A selection of Central Desert artists portraying the changing seasons