Michael Nelson Jagamarra [c1946-]

Born west of Yuendumu, Michael grew up living the traditional indigenous life, passing through the first rites of initiation at age 13. He eventually travelled extensively, working at several diverse jobs before finishing up as a qualified Justice of the Peace, where he sat on the Magistrate's bench during Papunya court proceedings. He also began painting around 1976, with his fine body of work achieving international acclaim along the way. In 1998, Michael gained instant notoriety when one of his designs was chosen for a mosaic montage on the front of the new Parliament House in Canberra. He had his enormous talents officially recognised when he was awarded the order of Australia in 1993 for services to the arts. Michael is now highly regarded as one of Australia's most collectable artists whose paintings are sought after by local and international collectors alike. His works have been extensively exhibited in prominent galleries the world over including the National Gallery.