Makinti Napanangka [c1930 - 2011]

Makinti Napanangka was a senior Pintupi woman, born south of Kintore in the Western Desert around 1930 and commenced painting for the Papunya Tula Art movement in 1996. She quickly developed her own unique raw style – one that adopts a more spontaneous and energetic approach to illustrating iconographic imagery than the traditional dotting technique employed by other Papunya artists. Understandably, Makinti was often regarded as a visionary of the contemporary indigenous art movement. Her amazing work is now highly sought after all over the world and is represented in many major public and private collections. As testament to her incredible talent, Makinti won the coveted $40,000 25th Telstra Art Award – the most acclaimed indigenous art prize – in 2008. And as a guide to her astute investment potential, Makinti’s current top price at auction is $72,000 - and rising. Sadly, Makinti passed away in January 2011, leaving behind a lauded body of work that is destined to become legendary