Katie Rumble Pitjara [c1966]

Born into an impressive artistic dynasty in the Utopia region of the Central Desert, Katie Rumble Pitjara has learned her craft from the very best. Art has always been in her blood; Her her extended family includes her internationally esteemed aunts, Gloria and Kathleen Peytarre, and Gracie Pwerle Morton, who have heavily influenced her career. She is also the younger sister of celebrated artist Mary Rumble Pitjara. With several trademark styles in her repertoire, Katie's main specialities are Women's body paint, Bush Seed and Bush Leaf designs - she is recognised as producing some of the best examples of the latter genre. Her uncanny sense of design, colour selection and attention to details are distinguishing traits of her paintings. Katie's works are rapidly gaining well-deserved attention from collectors, with the astute ones recognising her future investments potential.