About Us

Welcome to Aboriginart. We are an indigenous fine art gallery located in Fremantle, Western Australia, specialising in collectable contemporary paintings ethically sourced from the Central & Western Desert regions of Australia.

We hope that the following pages will give you a brief, yet meaningful insight into the wonderful world of aboriginal art and the many benefits of investing in this amazing art form. Because not only will you be investing in an aesthetic or financial sense for yourself, but you’ll also be investing in an altruistic sense — not only for the artists themselves, but for the disadvantaged periphery of people that this fascinating industry supports.

We invite you to take a virtual tour online or visit us in the gallery situated at 6 Elder Place, Fremantle, Western Australia.


As a signatory to the Indigenous Art Code, Aboriginart is committed to the ethical sourcing of paintings and transparent business dealings with the indigenous artists and to abide by the standards set out in the code.